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Weights Bracelet


Introducing Activaz Weights Bracelets – Your Perfect Fitness Companion!

Experience the ultimate comfort and support with Activaz Weights Bracelets, designed to elevate your fitness routine and redefine your workout sessions. Crafted with an ergonomic, arched, and anatomical shape, these bracelets effortlessly adapt to your wrists and ankles, ensuring absolute comfort and zero discomfort while wearing them.

Achieve your fitness goals with ease, thanks to our innovative adjustable central weight bar system. Simply customize the weight from 0.50 pounds to 1.50 pounds to suit your individual requirements. The central weight effortlessly inserts and removes from the bracelet pocket, offering seamless adaptability for your evolving needs.


Sold out!


Product details

• Upper Length 11.9 x Bottom Length 11.4

• Height 2.75 inches

• Strap Height 2.25 inches

• Weight: 3 Lb Per set

• Color: Charcoal Print, Wintergreen Print, Silver Pink Print