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About Us


Fitness transcends visits to the gym or leisurely runs by the beach. Moving your body is a conscious choice to nurture what truly matters to you and to contribute to a promising future. At Activaz, fitness is a journey of self-improvement and a way of life. We founded Activaz in 2017 to create high-quality products to elevate everyday activities. By embracing a health-conscious and active lifestyle, we understand how to deliver durable solutions to support your daily exercise routines. We strive to inspire you with innovative and trendy workout accessories to help you reach your fitness goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Our mission is to empower anyone embarking on a fitness journey by providing high-quality workout accessories and gym gear that enhance performance. We are deeply committed to environmental responsibility. Our goal is to help positively impact the world around us. Every Activaz product is created with you in mind. Your story counts – let us take the fitness journey with you.

We aim to design stylish and practical accessories that improve your training. Quality and longevity are our top priorities, so we collaborate with skilled designers and engineers throughout the development process until the final product is made. Our ultimate goal is to provide outstanding equipment that effortlessly blends into your regular workout routine to achieve your fitness goals.


We firmly believe every little step counts in preserving our planet. We carefully select our materials and manufacturing processes to ensure that we do our part. Our products use recycled steel, fabrics, nylons, and more. Additionally, we use biodegradable packaging to reduce our environmental impact.

Technology helps us get the most out of our raw materials. We utilize the latest technology and innovative methods to ensure that our gym gear meets the highest quality standards while refining our recycling and reduction techniques.